Who Pays for Transportation?

Transportation can be paid in many different ways. Listed below are some of the Different options:

  • MedicareMedicare will pay for non-emergent Ambulance transportation under certain  circumstances and situations. Our Staff can help decide whether it is a covered service.
  • Medicaid Medicaid pays for non-emergent transportation. In New Jersey a third party broker,  Logisticare, handles all non-emergency transportation. You can request Pro-Care Ambulance services to be your preferred provider with them to ensure you always get our services.
  • Commercial Insurance - Commercial Insurance companies may or may not pay for non-emergency transports. Each policy is unique and would need to be verify for each insurance policy.
  • Facilities - Some facilities pay for transportation. We work with many facilities in the area that do offer payment for transportation. We can work with you and the facilities to ensure payment.
  • Private Pay - We accept cash, check, or credit card for all private pay transportations. Our professional staff can work with you on payment arrangements and pricing.

We understand that Insurance companies can be confusing. Let our professional Scheduler help guide you step by step through the process to ensure every payment option is explored.


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